Love Phinc Club . instore only

Just another reason to Love Phinc!

Our “Love Phinc” so called club is basicllay a way of keep a record of all your sales for your convenince as well as developing a relationship with each and every customer. We like to know who we are serving and always welcome back.

Please note: We DO NOT SHARE any personal information with anyone else. We get enough spam and hate it!

We really only need your mobile number socan identify you in our system. Once we have that and listed under Love Phinc Customer, then you will recieve SMS notifications on occasion when we have a Sale or a special. It doesnt happen often so you wont be bombarded with text messages.

what else ...  VIP NIGHTS
As part of our Love Phinc club, you may be invited to VIP nights and special events throughout the year. You will be notified by SMS or email depending on your details supplied. 

plus ... as your purchases are recorded under your name so if you happen to lose your receipt its no problemo!

 .. enjoy your shopping at Phinc ....  we love having you xxx