• We have a couple of fab tips on how to style a >linen jacket>. First, make sure you choose a well-fitted jacket. Your colour choice depends entirely on your style: neutral colours like beige, white, or navy blue are versatile, while bold colours like red or yellow make a statement. When sty... View Post
  • You'll need a good measuring tape and a flat surface to measure your shirt size accurately. Lay your shirt out and measure the collar for neck fit, the sleeve length from back to wrist, the chest at the fullest part, the waist at the narrowest part, and the hips at the widest part. Make sure to m... View Post
  • How to Wash Knitwear

    Always opt for mild, liquid detergents and avoid anything with bleach or harsh chemicals to keep your knitwear in tip-top shape. You should sort pieces by colour and fabric type before deciding whether to hand wash or toss them in the machine inside a mesh bag on a gentle cycle. You never wring t... View Post