• Circle Tutu - Ivory
Megan Salmon

Circle Tutu - Ivory

Our circle tutu is cleverly cut so that you get all of the glamour and frou frou of a tutu but without the bulk at your waist. It has been cut from a full circle so that it cascades down your body in a truly elegant way from small to big at the hem. We have also added little sections of elastic at the side of the waistband to ensure a perfect fit at your waist.  The lining of this skirt is an a-line skirt so there is no extra lining fabric to get in the way and this is particularly beautiful in our ivory colourway. Tuck it in or wear it loose over the top you will find this skirt to be flattering and if you have never worn a tutu before prepare to let your inner ballerina out on the loose as you channel supreme elegance.